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Crazy Coaching Friday - What are you saying YES to!

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

What are you saying yes to in your life? This is a big question, one I have been thinking about a lot in my own life recently and what I am saying yes to is playing with technology and social media as a way to connect with people. This is something I have avoided for years, I had a ton of fear, felt totally overwhelmed and drained even at the thought of using technology more in my life and business. Yet, I loved the idea of it so I took the leap and here is my first experience “playing” with technology and I have to admit, while it totally stretched me out of my comfort zone, it was also a ton of fun!

What are you saying yes to in your life right now? Learn what gets in peoples way and stops them from saying yes and how you can move beyond your fear and into living your yes on todays show.

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