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My clients have done amazing things with their lives & businesses, I am honoured by their comments...

“Linda has an amazing knack of cutting to the heart of the matter. She has the capacity to hear what is going on "underneath" what appears to be the issue. She also has an array of “tools” to help me see where the real issue lies and how to shift it. It is clear that Linda cares about what I want – across the board.  She is talented, creative and fun!”

Robert Brown

President Chesterman Property Group Inc.

"When I met Linda I was warmed by her genuinity - it's always amazing to meet someone who can guide so effectively by listening first, then speaking & suggesting, rather than "helping by giving advice" - there is a big difference....  and I learned that from working with Linda."

Dr Anne-Marie Baribeau

ER Physician

"I worked with Linda for the better part of 4 years, and was thrilled with the results. Linda is incredibly intuitive and creative with her approaches, and helped me get to parts of myself I could never have accessed otherwise. She is patient and loving, and perhaps her greatest gift is to create a space in which I realized that the answers and solutions to my perceived challenges always lay within myself. She helped me access those answers and step into a power I didn't even know I had. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in taking their life to a whole new level."

Margaret Floyd

Author, Eat Naked

“Linda creates a safe haven where I can share my professional and personal challenges, fears and weaknesses and know that I will not be judged. The support and feed back from Linda is invaluable to me.  Her expertise guides me through my issues so that I may come to my own resolutions and truth and then ensures that I have the tools needed to move forward. Linda has remarkable acumen in business and has been incredibly helpful with the challenges I face running a company. She balances those skills with a steadfast commitment to help me achieve my true purpose and to live my life authentically. Working with Linda is an extraordinary blessing in my personal and corporate life.”

– J.M. President of a large nationally run organization

“What really is a ‘Life Coach’ anyway? Neck deep in despair, recently unemployed, the beginning of what may be your true mid-life crisis and someone hands you a phone number and says “it worked for me.”
You call the number and your life immediately begins to take on a whole new direction based on your strengths, your passions, your abilities. You remain at the helm through the entire discovery process, but Linda is there right beside you, holding your hand, pushing you farther, offering encouraging advice (from her years of experience) to inch you along to that moment when you embark on the new you.
I truly feel more ‘alive’ now than I have in years. Shaking the Industrial revolution mindset and embracing the entrepreneurial revolution. Moving past that monkey brain into the creative brain where real works gets done.Work/life balance is now being practiced to allow more time with the things that matter. I couldn’t have done it without Linda. She has been the coach I needed to get back in ‘the Game’. I still have a long way to go but at least I am moving in the right direction, my direction. Thank you Linda.”

– David Thomson Managing Director Checkpoint 6

"I worked with Linda as my Life Coach for almost eight years from 2001. She started as my personal coach and then after four years grew into coaching me and my business partner as our personal and business coach. She also worked with the staff within our company to optimize our workings as a team.


My focus has consistently been in two areas: living a fabulous life and living it in balance. Throughout this period of coaching I have had many rich experiences in the areas of work, community and personal health and wellness, and also as a father, husband, brother and son. Some experiences have been very juicy and rewarding others just plain hard. Linda has been there for support all the way through. Balance is an often talked about thing but it can be a highly elusive little critter! With Linda’s support (and with the use of her many tools) I have moved to a place where I have space and ease in my life and truly feel like I have matured and settled into it. I am running (and embracing) my life, not the other way around.


Linda is talented and experienced at so many levels. She has deep knowledge and technical skills with coaching. As importantly she is so strongly connected with her intuition that she can ask the simplest question which open up significant insight and or shifts that really make a difference."

Heather Tremain - CEO Options For Homes Ltd. 

“Linda has an incredible ability to help you realize things about yourself that enable you to be a happier and stronger person. After each coaching session I felt like the best version of myself and was filled with excitement and confidence about following through on the suggestions and advice she had given me/that we had come to together. I was initially put in contact with Linda through my work but I found the sessions so helpful and enriching that I decided to continue coaching on a personal level and I have overcome some very important obstacles both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Linda’s services to anyone and everyone regardless of what you want to achieve, there is no doubt in my mind that she will enable you to get there.”

Katherine, Fundraising Manager Public Outreach Toronto 

“I’ve worked with many coaches over the years, but Linda Hamilton was by far the best! She has a way of creating a safe environment in which true transformation can occur.

Her support and wisdom had a profound impact on my life and business, and I highly recommend her services.”

– Sandi Amorim  – 

“Linda was a tremendous support as I struggled with re-examining my goals and aspirations and positioning myself for a new line of work. She made it very easy to talk about sensitive or “blue sky” ideas. It was especially helpful that she blends a “go deep” approach of drawing out foundational issues with a pragmatic approach about what needs to happen tomorrow. She always had insight and suggestions for action. Many of the new ideas set in motion with Linda are still unfolding a year later!”

–  Megan Moser – Phd. Develop projects and programs from aspiration to implementation

“I have enjoyed working with Linda and consistently come away with positive results from our interactions. Linda always finds a creative way to solve that mile high brick wall! I would recommend Linda as a Business and Life Coach any time!!”

– Richard Downey – President Crestwood Solutions

“Linda was able to incorporate my entrepreneurial ideas with my personal ideas in a way that I wouldn’t have thought of. Linda’s ability to find the source point of my angst is, by any standards, remarkable.  I honestly think and feel that working with Linda has helped me to rediscover and implement the tools I have always had in me to make myself a successful person.”

– John Rider-Writer

"Linda Hamilton was my coach when I first took up coaching as a profession. Her coaching skills, presence and abilities took me on a journey of great self-knowledge and discovery. Subsequently, Linda and I worked together as colleagues in presenting a parenting workshop and have collaborated on coaching ideas many times since. I found Linda to truly be a gem in the world of helping professions.  She is incredibly intuitive, empathetic, compassionate and yet courageous in helping her clients go the difficult places they need to go to achieve greater success, fulfillment and happiness. She reads energy so powerfully and is able to masterfully encourage her clients to elicit the best in themselves for transformation. I have come to know many coaches in the profession, and regard Linda as the best.  I am grateful for her guidance, and support and now her friendship.”

– Ray Williams, President, Ray Williams Associates, and Co-Founder of Success IQ University, Columnist, The National Post

“I never thought I would be where I am. I always knew I would be in a career designed by myself; that I would be successful; that I would be what I wanted. However I didn’t know how it was going to happen. Here I am, finally understanding what the word “knowing” is all about. Here I am, finally understanding how passion is not work. I had no idea that learning about myself and actually focusing on me would allow me to grow and help others in return. Where I wanted to be is not as powerful as where I am.”

– Desiree Daniel Success Coach

“With her enthusiasm, energy and deep respect for what I want, Linda is absolutely certain I can attain that which I desire because she already sees me as a success. I know and TRUST that whenever stuff may come up, I can just call her, and KNOW that by the end of the phone call, I will be in a better state than when I first called.”

– Danielle DuBois

“Linda, you have walked me through many processes, rather than just presenting information. You have never let me drift or get in a rut. You have excellent ways of clarifying what I am saying, wanting, and who I am being. Your languaging skills are outstanding. I know that you are holding my vision for me. Our coaching relationship has deepened my self-awareness and increased my self-confidence. Our work has given me a very clear picture of my life vision and of how I am a leader on the path to that vision.  You ask me to step beyond who I have been to reach who I truly am. You honor my beliefs and my soul.”

– Ginger Blanchette Teacher/Writing/Creativity Coach

“Linda’s ability to get to clarity through the emotional body is extremely useful: Being able to be myself, and I mean really myself.  Linda holds my highest values in mind while working with me. Even when I’m in my mind she holds me to what’s in my heart. I love this!”

– Jennifer Kobyll

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