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Clients have shared what they appreciate about Linda:

  • Very solution focused & an immense capacity for compassion & empathy.

  • The ability to see through a problem & your ability to stay totally present with me. 

  • You are tough & focused and yet able to push with such care & love. 

  •  Your essence, spirituality/beliefs blended with a grounded, current sense of business & ability to think outside the box. 

  • Non-judgemental, insightful, intuitive, heart centred, amazing passion for live, curios, caring, loving, genuine, warm, calm, courageous, positive & a brilliant sense of humor.

  • You SEE who people are. This is such an amazing, valuable and RARE quality in a human being!!

  • Somehow you are able to be a mom and a wife and an entrepreneur with grace and embracing every moment. What is that quality? I'm not sure what to call it, but if you could bottle it, you'd be able to buy an island in the South Pacific and sip margaritas for the rest of your life! 

  • It is so easy to work with you, I feel like you "get it" when we are perhaps working through something more sensitive. 

  • A feeling that someone really cares about me, unconditional support & love. 

  • Definitely the value of being seen. I feel valued for who I am and I feel you see the good in me that I cannot see. 

  • That I truly matter and that I am worthy and deserving of my own happiness.

Linda's Credentials: 

  • ICF Master Certified Coach

  • Certified Solution Focused Coach

  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner

  • Certified Rewilding Mentor & Guide

  • Hypnotherapist

  • Columnist The Province Newspaper

  • Faculty Member of Erickson College International

  • Winner of two Inspiration in Action Entrepreneur of the year awards

  • Nominated for the Ethics In Action Award through the Canadian Business For Social Responsibility

  • Founder & Past President of The Solution Focused Coaching Association

  • Member of International Coaching Association

  • Member of The Graduate School Of Coaching


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