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Meet Linda

ICF Master Certified Leadership Coach & Mentor

Linda is an award-winning ICF Master Certified Executive Coach. She is a pioneer in the coaching profession in Canada and has coached hundreds of individuals and teams of professionals since launching her company in 1998..  Linda has been, and continues to be a reoccurring guest/speaker on numerous platforms (newspaper, tv, social media) and programs speaking and writing on the power of human connection, contribution and growth.

Linda specializes in working with Socially Conscious Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Executives & Organizations who are committed to make a difference in the world.  Be that on an individual, community, national &/or global level in the areas of leadership, communications, team building, resilience, life balance & fulfillment.


In addition to a thriving private practice, Linda has also been  on the faculty of Erickson Coaching International since 2006 focusing on supporting coaches to deepen their coaching skills and knowledge in service of the coaching profession as a whole.

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