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I really support my clients to design their lives around their true values (what matters most to them).  Here are the values I have designed my life & Coaching practice around…

What matter most to me 

I Value Connection:

Connecting with my clients, family, friends & myself on all levels: mind, body and soul…

  • with the intent to really hearing & see them

  • connecting from my heart

  • listen with no judgement & deep love

  • Be fully me as best I can and hold space for the people in my life to fully be themselves and live from that place.

Challenging my clients to connect, or reconnect, with themselves and others…

With life moving so fast (technology is speeding our time up),

stopping to connect with yourself and with those around you is so important.

This is about being present to the “Now”… this moment;

connecting with yourself and with others can only happen then.

The present is all there is; it transforms the past and creates the future. 

I Value Contribution:

Contributing to:

  • make a bigger impact on the world in ways that is most authentic for me. Making a “bigger impact” can look like saying no to more work and saying yes to more time with my children and their well being or at other times it can mean saying yes to a big project that can contribute to the lives of thousands.

so others may:

  • access their infinite wisdom

  • live their most authentic lives


  • give back in the way that is right for them

I support those who want to give back for the greater good of humanity. 

I Value Growth:

Personal and professional growth:

  • My own life-long learning

As I continue to grow and learn, so do my clients.

  • My clients’ personal and professional growth

I champion my clients’ journey to live their most authentic lives, and to live their passion in each moment. 

If you see a match between my values and yours, or my values could support you in your life & business

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