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Your body is your one true soulmate & the most important relationship in your life to nurture and cultivate. 

Call it intuition, following your gut, your inner wisdom, it's all the same.

We, as humans, have a built in GPS navigation system that is always guiding us to live fully, aligning us with our essential self.


We have forgotten how to listen to the wisdom of our bodies. 

We get caught up in our analytical machinery, our minds trying to figure things out, looking for the answer up in our heads. 

So how do we listen to the wisdom of our bodies?

Listening for a feeling is all that is needed. 

I offer one on one sessions, group coaching & programs centred around deepening our connection with our bodies.  

Experience more ease, freedom, creativity, abundance and love. 


Your body is your best friend, your true soulmate. I believe our souls are eternal and our amazing bodies are our souls connection to be having this human experience. 


Our bodies know us like no other, we came into this world together and will leave together.


Our bodies ALWAYS have our back, are ALWAYS pointing us to wisdom and our essential selves.


Developing and nurturing a deep and intimate relationship with our bodies is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, our relationships and our lives overall. 


The brain/body connection and relationship... We FEEL our THINKING, that is how we are wired as humans.


If you are feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, angry, you can not trust any of your thinking when you are in this state. It will 100% be distorted and you will not be thinking clearly. 


Like a snow globe, when our thinking is stirred up, its like the snow globe is shaken up YET if you put down the snow globe, the snow naturally settles and you can see again. The same holds for our thinking, if you can learn to leave your thinking alone when you are in a stirred up state, it will naturally settle and you will see, feel and think way clearer. 


The deep and loving connection I have with my body now wasn't always the case.


Through my teens, all through my twenties and into my early thirties I spent a lot of time hating my body; did whatever I had to not to be in my body; thought all my value came from what my body looked like and did; I hurt my body, and I sure didn't trust it...


So how did I go from hating it to having a deeply loving, intimate relationship with it?

I had what I can only describe as  three profound insights that helped me see and feel the unconditional love that is available to each of us within. 

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