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Let your intentions be your guide…

Q: I have to deliver a big talk next week and I am so nervous. What if I get up there and make a total fool of myself!? How can I go into this feeling more relaxed?

A: I would like to introduce you to a simple yet powerful tool that can help here. It’s about how setting both a positive intention and deciding on the clear outcomes you want to set you up for success.

Intentions set the foundation for our outcomes to be met. They set the tone for what we want. Intentions come from within — they’re internally referenced. When we have positive intentions, we come away fulfilled, regardless of the outcome of an event or meeting.

Outcomes are what we want to walk away with as a result of being somewhere or doing something. They are the result of our intentions and actions. Outcomes happen outside of us — they’re externally referenced. It’s important to define our desired outcomes before we enter a situation. The more specific we are here, the better.

It is important that we create both intentions and outcomes that are within our control. For example, you might set the intention to have fun and be yourself. Your outcome might be to deliver four key points on your subject matter. By setting the intention to have fun and be yourself, you will feel more relaxed and present during the talk and, as a result, deliver your points easily and effectively. The idea behind this intention is that even if the talk doesn’t go exactly as you would like, if you have fun doing it, then you will have been successful.

Let your intentions, not your outcomes, define your success.

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