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Managing Holiday Stress

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Q: As a working Mom, I find this time of year so stressful. December is meant to be about goodwill and connection. How can I stop stressing and start enjoying this time more?

A: Between deadlines at work, holiday events to attend and all the extra responsibilities that go along with the holidays it’s no wonder we are stressed, anxious, short tempered and distracted.

Here are steps you can take to minimize stress both personally and professionally during the holidays:

1. Identify your triggers. Notice what triggers your stress or anxiety. You can then find solutions to them.

2. Look at your expectations. It can be easy to get caught up in what you think you “should” do at this time of year. Christmas cards, parties, baking; you may get it all done but at what cost? You’ll end up doing too much and be exhausted by January.

3. Let yourself off the hook of having to “do it all” this holiday season by picking your most meaningful traditions and priorities and commit only to them.

4. Say no to those “shoulds”. When you say no to one thing, you are saying yes to something else. What are you saying yes to that is even more important to you?

5. On the work front: Look at your projects and upcoming tasks; if they can be put off until after the holidays, do so. Don’t let them add to your already rising stress.

6. Make a priority list and block your time. Set realistic goals of what you’re going to complete each day, so you get a true sense of accomplishment at the end of your workday.

7. When all else fails, breathe!

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